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At Grant Lawyers, we have built a strong reputation advocating for clients rights in the court room and we understand how it can feel when life drastically changes from one single moment. We understand that many legal problems involve more than one area of law.

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Meet Jason Grant

Jason has built a strong reputation within the legal fraternity since he first entered in 2012. He is revered as an advocate that will not settle for anything less than the best possible outcome. "Excellence built on hard work" has become the firm's motto, not by choice, but by the way Jason approaches each and every matter. In his strong advocacy, Jason believes it is important to build a relationship with clients in which they feel comfortable discussing all their legal matters, allowing him to dedicate significant resources and time to his clients. At Grant Lawyers, understanding our clients’ is the critical element to achieving the excellent standard the firm aims for.

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Our holistic approach to law allows us to offer many services

At Grant Lawyers, we don't just represent clients with driving offences, criminal offences or even clients that have been charged with murder. We understand how it can feel when life drastically changes from one single moment. That's why we also help our clients with family law matters, personal injury, immigration and even insolvency.

Criminal Law

Criminal law is a very strong focus at Grant Lawyers. Seek legal advice immediately.

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Personal Injury

If you've been injured, we can help you get the justice you deserve.

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Traffic Law

We understand how important your driver's license is to you and your family.

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Immigration Law

The threat of being deported away from family is very daunting. We can help.

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We do everything we can to minimise the impact of insolvency on you and your family.

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Family Law

It's crucial your legal representation is caring, empathetic and understanding.

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Jason Grant in the news

Here are just a few of the matters Jason Grant has helped his clients with. If you would like further references, please call our office on 07 5613 2687.

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